To free coffee drinkers from less fresh industrialized coffee is our mission when we started our revolution back in 2007. We give coffee drinkers everything a best quality coffee could have by providing best quality freshly roasted coffee beans. We think it's a pity if coffee is not presented at their best, full of flavor and aroma like they should. Therefore, we use only best quality coffee beans and are roasted freshly to present the best of flavor and aroma of our coffee. Taste our coffee and you will feel the sensation you've never experience before. That's how real quality coffee should tastes.

Find us at :

Setiabudi Supermarket  -  Jl. Setiabudi 46 - Bandung

The Kiosk Dago - Jl. Ir.H.Juanda No.48 Lt.2  - Bandung


For more information please contact us :

Email : info@kafana-coffee.com | kafana_coffee@hotmail.com

Facebook : Kafana Coffee

Twitter  : @KafanaCoffee

Phone : 022-92928885 / 081802095888 / 08122357918

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